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Snow removal

Snow accumulation

Excessive accumulation of snow on a roof can be dangerous. Snow accumulation can overload the roof and as a consequence affect the building structure. In addition the mild wintertime temperature in recent years has brought rain and caused snow to melt. Water accumulates among snow layers, increasing the load on the structures. To prevent damage snow removal is highly recommended after significant accumulations of snow and/or freezing rain.

Ice Removal

The accumulation of ice at roof edges represents a hazard for people walking nearby. Furthermore, ice that accumulates on a roof can prevent it from draining efficiently during warmer weather or spring arrival. With no place to go, water can infiltrate the roof system and reduce its performance.

Ice removal will secure building access & ensure proper roof drainage.

Call the experts!

Choosing qualified roofers for snow or ice removal is a must! Poor removal techniques could damage your roof’s system and cause leaks. At Raymond Roofing, our technicians knows the potential risks and will perform work making sure to keep your roof system intact.

Contact one of our offices (Gatineau, Amos or Ottawa) for your snow or ice removal.