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Preventive maintenance

The lifespan of a roof is supposed to be many years. However, it is unfortunately the most neglected part of a building since it is not very visible… until it starts to leak!

A maintenance plan will allow you to maximize your roof performance while respecting your budget. In fact, maintenance fees are significantly lower than repair costs.

Maintenance fees are significantly lower than repair costs.

Trust Raymond Roofing and increase your roof’s lifespan by a few years in addition to making substantial savings.

“Investing in prevention is economical. Studies have proven that it is five times less expensive to conduct regular roof inspections than to wait for a problem to appear” Soprema, Preventive Maintenance

Custom Maintenance Programs

Every roof is unique. That is why, each one of Raymond Roofing maintenance program is customized to meet the requirements of your roof.

Time spent evaluating the roof conditions makes it possible to establish a maintenance program that is based on the value of the roof and thus reduces the normal aging process and avoids all expensive roof repairs.

5-Year Maintenance Program

Following a rigorous visual inspection and detailed report, we will develop a 5-year maintenance program. Our 5-year proposal includes an annual review of your roof with recommended maintenance work. Anticipating roof deterioration and developing a strategic maintenance program will maximize the useful lifespan of your roof and reduce long-term costs.

Preventive Maintenance in 3 Steps!

Step 1- Annual Inspection(s)

Annual inspections will help to identify existing and potential problems of your roof.
Our inspections are carried out by highly qualified technicians and includes:

  • Visual Inspection of the roof
  • Roof take-off and CAD layout
  • Complete report of roof conditions
  • Cut-Test
  • Heat Loss Survey
  • Thermography (Roof Moisture Surveys)

Step 2 – Corrective Works (Problem Solving)

Following the inspection, a detailed report of the roof condition is produced identifying the maintenance work to be performed or all areas considered critical requiring immediate actions.
Repair methods are selected according to the scale of the problem and can include:

  • Maintenance Work
  • Restoration Work
  • Surface Re-Roof
  • Complete Re-Roof

Step 3- Monitoring (Roof Management)

Collected data of your roof are computerized. These data is crucial for monitoring the condition of your roof and includes:

  • Technical data of the roof
  • Roof repairs and maintenance history
  • Scheduling Priority Works
  • Maintenance Budget
  • Maintenance Reminder


  • Extends Roof Lifespan
  • Maintaining of Warranties
  • Protects Building and its Contents
  • Reduces Operating Costs of Your Roof
  • Ensures Optimal Performance of Your Roof