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Commercial emergency:
819 777-7770

Emergency Services & Corrective Maintenance

“The purpose of any roof maintenance program is to decrease the normal roof aging process by implementing timely and effective measures that will restore the roof to its full useful level of performance and extend its remaining service life.” Kalinger P, Technical Director Canadian Roofing Contractor’s Association.

Emergency Services / Corrective Maintenance

A leaking or damaged roof requires quick and effective intervention. At Raymond Roofing, our teams are constantly on high alert to respond to roofing repairs and emergencies, regardless of the time of day or type of roofing system.

Our maintenance and repair teams are made up of roofing experts with many years of experience in their field. In addition, thanks to our modern equipment (tools, trucks, cranes, etc.), we are prepared to deal with any site or building.

A simple way to repair a roof leak:

1. Contact Raymond Roofing. as soon as a problem occurs with your roof by calling 613-233-4833 (Ontario), 819-777-7770 (Outaouais) or 819-727-3348 (Abitibi).
2. A technician will quickly communicate with you to schedule a visit onsite.
3. A team of technicians will meet the building manager at the premises to identify leak source.
4. Based on the complexity of the problem, the team of technicians will conduct site specific tests to identify the leak source.
5. Once the leak has been clearly identified, depending on weather conditions, Raymond Roofing will proceed with a permanent roof repair.

Advantages of dealing with Raymond Roofing:

  • Limit the spread of water in the roof system
  • Fast execution
  • Protection of building occupants
  • Protection of equipment
  • Warranty on work

“Roof system maintenance is often the most neglected area of a roof management program. It’s also the single most important factor (after proper installation) for determining the life span and cost of a roof system.” National Roofing Contractors Association,