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Residential roofing

Raymond Group, through its commercial and residential division - Roofing Raymond and Associates inc. – does everything possible to offer exceptional quality services, while meeting deadlines, expectations and budget. Whether traditional or modern roofing (simple or complex), you can be assured you will receive high-end material, professional advice, impeccable client service and incomparable quality control.

Benefit from 40 years of experience

Thanks to 40 years’ experience, Raymond & Associates Roofing Inc. offers the complete range of high-quality roofing products. We offer all the required techniques, professionals and tools for residential and commercial roofs, no matter the style or the scale, in order to ensure your project succeeds completely.

For waterproofing of flat roofs (and low-pitched roofs), we are certified installers for the following systems:

  • Multilayer and gravel
  • Bilayer elastomeric membranes
  • Polymer (EDPM, PVC, TPO)

For pitched roofs, we often use the following material:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Cedar shingles
  • Slate tiles
  • Corrugated sheet metal roofing
  • Copper roofs
  • Lead-coated copper
  • Recycled rubber shingles (and plastic materials)

To benefit from our expertise, obtain an estimate, a budgetary report or receive more information on our services and products, please contact one of our estimators.